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OEM's, Dealerships, Independents, & Wholesalers use us.  

So should you !

What We Do...

is help YOU make more money on your used & reconditioned Forklifts & equipment, and your fleet.

How we do it... 

is by providing your with quality decals that will give the professional looking touch that will help you move that piece of equipment fast, 

or by offering custom decals to help you market your company so that your current and potential customers find you and remember who they should use.

Industrial Decals specializes in offering decal kits for lift trucks and material handling equipment. 
We also specialize in safety decals & stickers that are required and recommended by O.S.H.A. & A.N.S.I. Standards. 

We also offer custom decals & allied products to suit all your equipment marketing needs.
Products such as: Company ID decals, PM decals, Service decals, & Fleet marking decals.
We also have Delivery & Pick-UP forms, & Deal Jacket Folders. 

We are here to make your Fleet, Rental, Sales, or any other equipment to look its best. 

More Profit In YOUR Pocket...If YOU have the equipment.....WE have the decals.

 Call us TODAY (631)758-1532 or email us at

Our Mission... 

Our Business mission is to provide you the highest standard of service and superior quality product available for your equipment decal & marketing needs.
Our social mission is to be able to use a portion of the profits & resources of this company to support good will through ventures 
with Churches, Military, School, Charity organizations, Orphanages, and local goodwill.
By doing both of the above we can honor our spiritual mission which is to honor God in the way we do business, 
by running it with honesty & integrity, and being good stewards of the opportunity He has given us in running it.

How do we maintain such a high level of service

We regularly check our level of service and product to make sure you are getting the best value.

Industrial Decals & Marketing Corp. has been in business since 2000 to provide our customers with the highest standard of service 
and superior quality product available for your equipment decal & marketing needs. 
If you have the equipment.....We have the decals. 

We are open M-F 8am-7pm EST , & Saturdays 8am-12pm .  You can order by Phone, Fax, or Email. 

We stand behind our product with a money back, satisfaction guarantee.